Key Point

  • Provide insights into the past, current and future state of a Financial Organization
  • Provide information on a daily basis and help quick turnaround rather than depending on periodic reporting cycle
  • Place financial information in the hands of the people empowering them to improve quality of key decisions
  • Allow operational managers more time to analyze numbers, perform profitability and margin analysis
  • Provide a quick overview of operational information – service utilization, sales team performance, credit and operational risk
  • Centralized Banking Analytics
  • Branch Banking Analytics with statistical views
  • Customer Portfolio Analytics and Exposures
  • Alternative Channels Data Analytics
  • Non-Performing Asset (NPA) Management
  • MIS & Accounting Analytics with Key indicators.
  • Risk Management & BASEL Compliance Reports
  • Central Bank’s periodic reports like SBS, CL reports.
  • Reporting and data extraction for EDW-RIT reporting Templates.
  • Integration with Online CIB, GoAML etc
  • Data Warehouse & Archive in RDBMS
  • ETL & Integration Tool tested with several CBS


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